The Growler Station

Now open! We offer a variety of local microbrews on eight rotating taps!

On tap now

Uncrushable: Apricot cider from Summit Cider

Irish Red Light: Ale from Wallace 

Orangelicious: Blonde ale from Orlison 

 Mac and Jacks: African Amber

Snowborder Porter: From Boise Brewing

Wobblily Man: Scotch ale from McCall Brewing 

Rockeye Wheat: Light wheat ale from Mad Bomber Boo Koo: American IPA

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Drive Thru

Now up and running! You no longer need to leave the convenience your car.  

*Must be 18 or older to purchase tobacco and must have proof of age for purchase.

6902 W. Seltice Way, Post Falls, Idaho

Phone: (208)773-1177

Hours: Mon - Sun 4am to 1am


Food Mart More then a convenient store actually... Stop-n-Go satisfies your urge for a hot breakfast, lunch or munch anytime of the day or night. Roll in and grab a bite at our Chilled, Grilled or Baked, self serve food stations. From hot burritos and pizza to sandwiches, jumbo hot dogs, and danishes, we have what you want when you want it. Come in for breakfast and grab a cup of premium coffee, breakfast hot foods or a gratifying way to do lunch, dinner or just a midnight snack! We have a selection of frozen, canned and dry goods too for when you just want to make it a quick trip.


Specials all the time! You name it from Hot Deli Food, Cold Drinks, Beer, Snacks to Cascade (with phosphates)...we are always running hot weekly specials, so you can keep more of your hard earned money!


Not to mention a large inventory and variety of Beer to Go, with additional specials on top of already LOW IDAHO PRICES!

Movie Rentals

Now at the convenience of your local gas station, pick up a movie for the evening. Because of negotiations made between the movie studios and DVDNow, we will have the hit new releases 3-5 weeks before Red Box as well as the other movies that are on their list. Our price is $1.18 and we have coupons for free movie rentals and other great offers that Red Box can't do! Become a Member and safe even more on your Movie Rentals! Click here for more details


We carry a huge inventory with a wide variety of DISCOUNT CIGARETTES AND TOBACCO, again all at LOW IDAHO PRICES! Large orders are welcome, it will be worth the drive if your coming from a distance

Liberty has been on the grow! Expanding as far north as New Jersey, as far south as the Florida Keys, and as far west as Washington State. Liberty Petroleum’s model for success is to procure supply agreements that are based on the present fair market price for high quality fuel– not what a major oil company feels like charging you today. It frees distributors from the bonds of major oil companies with excessive prices and demands.

Liberty Stop N' GoWhere a friendly staff taking pride in a clean and inviting store meet you every time!

We offer Regular, Mid-Grade, and Supreme fuels from Liberty Petroleum, a high quality product, at a very competitive price! Liberty’s patriotic image expresses our dedication to applying the founding ideals of this country to our business practices. Liberty is a brand for independent's to give their customers a quality gas at a competitive or lower price. Need propane? We have that too... AmeriGas Propane Fuel

Save an extra 5¢ off per gallon automatically (when you pay with green cash) of already LOW IDAHO PRICES!

Kitchen Hours

Sunday: 5:00AM - 7:00PM

Monday & Tuesday: 5:00AM - 7:30PM

Wednesday-Saturday: 5:00AM - 9:00PM

Available to rent now!